Sparkle Party

Sparkle Party

Glitter may be considered a nuisance in the world of arts and crafts. However, when used properly, glittering effects can give your makeup game a whole new level of radiance. All you need to know is how much shimmer to apply, and where. It also pays to know a bit about cosmetic grade glitters and shimmer powders.

Makeup glitter differs from craft glitter in their composition and form. While craft glitter is made of hexagonal or octagonal bits of foil, makeup glitter is smaller and formed out of plastic. Makeup glitter is also coloured with pigments that don’t melt and stain everything, so they’re fine for cosmetic use. Large glitter flakes found in nail polishes like ours resemble craft glitter more, but they’re covered by a sheet of lacquer that keeps the glitter from getting all over the place.

Basic glitter rules still apply, though: Don’t let so much as a flake hit your cornea, as it might scratch that membrane and invite infection. Remember: safety first. If you wear makeup on any part of your face, you might want to try one of your makeup setting sprays, to keep glitter from entering your eye or from smudging around your face and hands too much.

First of all, when using glitter makeup, less is more. Don’t smear your entire face with glitter, or you’ll end up looking like a sparkling vampire from the theatre (sorry, Twilight fans). Only apply glitter on the areas that need highlighting, such as your cheekbones or other prominent areas. Try this shimmery blush if you want to glitz your face up a bit.

Adding glitter to your eyelids can be a bit tricky, since you don’t want t accidentally sprinkle your eyes with glitter. A shimmery eye shadow can work wonders for the eyelids, especially when paired with a contrasting colour or shade. If you want a more subtle shimmer to your eyes, try a hint of glitter eyeliner or mascara.

Remember not to apply any glitter in the inner areas of your eyelids. If you’re worried, apply glitter makeup around your brows and around your eye sockets.

Overly glittery lips might look a bit too dramatic for daily situations, but may look great for parties. If you want the all-out glittery look on your lips, try gel makeup.

If you want a more subtle shine to your lips, you might want to opt for a shimmery lipstick instead. Some shimmery lip glosses also exist, so try those if you want an even more subtle shine. This particular gloss carries aloe vera gel, which helps keep your lips moisturised.

One last tip for using glitter makeup is coordinating with your outfit. Don’t overdo the glitter theme too much; remember the Twilight vampire look (sorry). If you have a shimmery shirt, make your glitter makeup a bit more subtle. Now don’t forget your setting sprays, don’t sweat in the sun for too long, and always remember that all that glitters isn’t gold.