How to Choose a Moisturiser

How to Choose a Moisturiser

Your skin loves moisture. It’s what keeps your skin smooth, and protects your dermis from sunlight and other factors, to an extent. For some, simply staying hydrated and drinking throughout the day might be enough to keep one’s skin moisturised, but some might need a moisturiser throughout the day to help out. Here are some things you should keep in mind when you are choosing a moisturiser for yourself.

First of all, cleanse your face before putting on any moisturiser. While it is true that some stronger cleansers dry out your skin by stripping away oils, moisturiser plays a part in keeping your skin hydrated until your glands can replace the lost oils. So to maximise your miniaturisation routine, moisturise over freshly cleansed, damp skin, and use a moisturiser that is strong enough to keep your skin alive for the next few hours. However, it’s not essential to put on moisturiser every morning, even on days when you don’t need to leave the house. You can forego moisturiser on some days, or just reapply it when needed.

Some moisturisers also love additives. Parfum, waxes, and other ingredients are made to give moisturisers a special effect, but some of these might be too strong for sensitive skin. If your skin reacts badly to additives, stick to an unscented moisturiser. This tube is suited for a variety of skin types, and has the added bonus of soothing irritation for sensitive skin types.

However, if you like scented moisturisers, feel free to choose one with a scent that you love; you’ll be wearing it every day, all day. If you’re into gentle rose scents, try this product.

You will also have to consider your skin type when choosing a moisturiser. If your moisturiser is too heavy and greasy for your skin type, it will just end up making you look shiny and oily. If your skin tends to end up oily a few hours into the day, try a moisturising gel. They’re light enough so that they don’t overload your skin. Gel moisturisers like this are great for acne-riddled skin too.

If your skin dries out and flakes easily, try a heavier cream-based moisturiser. This one balances weight and lightness so that it doesn’t overload your skin, but keeps it hydrated.

Lastly, you’ll have to consider the texture of your moisturiser. You’ll want to go for a grease-free feel that doesn’t weigh down your skin or make you feel that there is a goopy material coating and crusting over your face. Spray-type moisturisers can minimise the risk of overloading your face, though you can still apply gel or cream moisturisers without overdoing it. If you’re interested in spray-on moisturisers, try this potent spray.

One of the best moisturisers you can use also exists in your diet. Remember to drink enough water and eat well. Try adding foods rich with Omega-3 fatty acids into your diet, such as tuna and saltwater fish. All of this is for your skin. Take care of your skin, and it will take care of you.